Do your solid brass handles develop patina over time?

Our brass finished solid brass cabinet handles are crafted using a specialized High-Temperature Glazing Treatment, a process that significantly enhances their longevity and durability. This method involves applying a protective glaze to the brass at high temperatures, creating a robust barrier that safeguards the metal from wear and tear. This innovative treatment ensures that our handles maintain their pristine condition and lustrous finish over time, effectively resisting the natural patina that often occurs with brass. By choosing our handles, you can enjoy the timeless elegance of solid brass without the usual concerns of aging and discoloration, ensuring a lasting, exquisite look for your cabinetry.

(Coming soon)For our chromium/nickel/silver liked handles, they are finished with high-quality chrome plating, and are specifically designed to resist patina and maintain their luster over time. The chrome plating process involves coating the brass with a durable layer of chromium, which not only imparts a sleek, silver-like appearance but also acts as a protective barrier. This barrier shields the brass from environmental factors that typically cause patina, such as air and moisture exposure. As a result, our handles and knobs retain their pristine, mirror-like finish for years, free from the tarnishing and discoloration often associated with traditional brass. This makes our chrome-plated solid brass handles and knobs an ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting beauty and functionality in their cabinetry hardware.


Where is your company located? Do you have a showroom or warehouse where I can make a collection?

We are a small family-run business based in Sydney. Currently, we operate our business from our family home and do not have a showroom. For this reason, we are unable to accommodate guests for collection or visits at the moment. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to providing the best service and products online.

24-Hour Dispatch Time: How Does It Work?

We are dedicated to providing fast delivery times and guarantee that your order will be dispatched via Australia Post within 24 hours. If you place your order before 11:30 AM, it will be dispatched the same day. Orders placed after 11:30 AM will be dispatched the next day, as Australia Post’s pickup is at 12:00 PM daily. Please be aware that our 24-hour dispatch guarantee excludes weekends and public holidays, as Australia Post does not operate on these days.

 Where do you ship items, and when are they dispatched?

Our orders are shipped via Australia Post, and we offer an express service option for faster delivery. We are dedicated to dispatching orders within 24 hours to ensure prompt service. For detailed information on delivery speeds, please refer to the table below. You can also find more details on the Australia Post website at Australia Post - Delivery Speeds and Coverage. Our postcode for reference is 2126.

 Service Delivery speed (business days)

- NSW: 1-3 days

- Other states: 3-6 days


- NSW: 1-2 days

- Other states: 1-3 days


What thickness of cabinet, drawer, or cupboard is suitable for the 24mm screws you provide, and what should I do if they don't fit?

Our standard 24mm screws are ideal for cabinets, drawers, or cupboards with a thickness of more than 16mm. If the thickness is less than 16mm, you will need to carefully trim the screws to the appropriate length. Taking this step prevents over-tightening, which could otherwise lead to damage to both the handles and the furniture.